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Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Box

Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Box makes high power devices more accessible to people than ever before. 220W in a 107 gram body that feels smooth yet textured and durable, it will feel like it’s part of you. Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Box keeps giving extra throughout every inhale to provide an extraordinary punch. Paired with our New AXON Chip makes it easier than ever to operate.

The AXON chipset is a combination of the highest quality components that empowers devices to deliver more, know more, and do more for end users.

With the Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Box pulse mode, AXON will continuously give you a hit throughout your puff (every 0.02s) – not just from the initial fire – giving you more powerful, flavorful clouds with every puff

Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Box’s Soft touch casing is made from 4 layers of coating, giving it soft rubber-like feel, yet still making it smooth to the touch. Its final protective coating makes it scratch and flame resistant.

The intelligent system makes it easier than ever to operate, allowing new and experienced vapers to get the most possible out of GEN

The QF air distribution system provides exquisite flavor and warmth by keeping cold drafts out, creating a perfect balance between taste and cloud chasing. Also with this new breakthrough technology it eliminates spit back! We’ve also redesigned the base of the tank to prevent leakage.

Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Box specifications





Black Blue, Black, Black Red, Purple Black, Rose Gold, Silver


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Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Box


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