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If you own a straight razor then you need to own a strop – it’s the best way of keeping your razor in premium condition. With it’s two sides for firm and fine stropping, the Strop is a great choice for all authentic straight razor shavers.

Over time, a straight razor blade looses it’s sharpness and the edge develops tiny imperfections.The Strop corrects these, getting your blade back to top condition. The darker side is great for initial stropping, whilst the smoother, lighter side is ideal for finely honing your blade. For starters, never strop right after a shave – the blade needs to rest for at least 48 hours. When you’re ready to strop, attach the metal clip to a solid surface, and hold the strop taut. Lay the blade flat on the darker leather side, and gently stroke the razor across the leather. Don’t lead with the blade or this will ruin the strop. When you reach the end of the strop, roll the blade over and come back. Be sure to evenly strop the entire width of the blade. You will require several passes, on both sides of leather, to get it finely honed.

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