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Introducing a new generation of wrist splint. This wrist support features a custom molding stabilizer that molds easily to the contours of your wrist for an exact fit every time. The wrist splint molds by microwave. Microwave for just 15 seconds, form and shape on the wrist and leave for 10 minutes to cool and harden. The splint hardens quickly to form the exact contour of your wrist giving it 100% stabilization. Warm & comfortable material helps retain body heat for faster recovery.

Each Exact Fit wrist splint contains a moldable splint support bar in the front AND rear of the sleeve to ensure maximum stability and comfort while wearing

Each box contains one Exact Fit wrist splint unit.


  • Molds by microwave
  • Perfect fit
  • Blended Neoprene
  • Double splinted front and back
  • Quickly remolds
  • Light weight
  • Antimicrobial
  • Acts as a wrist brace and wrist support


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