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When it comes to being a man, shaving is almost as masculine as growing a full-on beard. Unfortunately, not all of us can grow a full beard, or have the lifestyle or job environment that allows such untamed growth to occur. So for those who would like to remain within the realm of manliness, despite their clean-shaven requirements, there’s the Shotgun Shell Double Edge Razor

Crafted from a real 12Gauge Shotgun Shell casing, the Razor will have you shaving in style. With the quality of the heavyweight brass, you’ll feel the history behind the piece during every stroke. And with handcrafted excellence that comes with every piece, it’s definitely a cut above your average razor. So next time you’re feeling down about having to shave for work, just remember that somewhere, at some point, your razor housed a 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell ready to defend the nation. That should provide you with reassurance.

Additional blades are the Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades!




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