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Great for stubble, scruff and beards of any length


Beard Boys Beard Cream is a true innovation. A hybrid between beard oil and beard balm.It moisturizes the beard and nourishes the skin. Reduce beard itch, restore natural shine and keep your facial hair looking healthy and smelling fresh.
Great for stubble, scruff and beards of any length. Longer beards get unruly and require help to “lay down” for a more groomed appearance. This cream helps moisturize and soothe “beard itch “at every stage: from stubble and scruff to full beards. For longer beards, this lightweight formula is designed to style and shape without feeling heavy or greasy.

Size: 200ml


Rub in lightly with a brush or massage in with your hands and then comb through.Best results are achieved when paired with Beard Balm to lock in moisture all day long and provide hold against straggly fly-away hairs.


Beard Care


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Beard Cream Iced Rose Beard Cream – Iced Rose



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Beard Cream Iced Rose
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