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When it comes to quality, we have it down to a Tee…

Finding the perfect T-shirt can be just as difficult as finding a video game character that isn’t an angry white dude with a stubbly beard. The reason is simple.
While a T-shirt may seem like a done deal to get right, there’s actually a helluva lot that can go South. Poor fit, shrinkage, stitching, and cheap fabric all spell a T-(ragic) disaster. Not to mention print fails…those loud and amateurish graphics and slogans that would have gone down a treat 10 years ago when Nu Rave was a thing.

In this game of menswear, you tend to get what you pay for. Whether worn as a base layer or solo, a T-shirt should feel like a second skin. Our Tees look, feel, and fit perfectly. Our inks like porous tight bound material, so we only ever use fine combed cotton that is soft to the touch (could have sworn this was headed for an erection joke). Unlike older DTG (Direct to Garment) technology, our machines always print photo-like quality and we guarantee the image won’t crack or peel.

Thicker fabric means a more durable T that lasts longer and hangs better – perfect for all body shapes (even those of us harbouring a bit of a paunch). You’ll definitely feel the difference as soon as you put on one of our cotton tees, and it’s more than likely you’ll love it, and so will she – so best you tell her right off the bat that sharing is not caring.

Mauritian Premium Fine Combed Cotton Garments

Melange – Poly Cotton Blend
Fine Combed Cotton – 160g 100% Cotton

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B.INK - Minkster Series - Cyclo Men's Tshirt B.INK – Minkster Series ...


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