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  • VGOD LushIce

    This is the VGOD signature watermelon candy flavor climaxes with a fresh breeze of menthol, finishing off with a cool mixture of melon flavors!

  • VGOD Build Mat R340.00

    Build Mat by VGOD size: 23″ X 11″

  • VGOD Saltnic Berry Bomb R200.00

    Berry Bomb kicks off with surging sweet strawberry freshness as the primary note with a sourish middle that leads to a candy coated sour strawberry belt for the finishing note. VGOD’s Berry Bomb SaltNic is available in 25mg

  • VGOD Saltnic Iced Berry Bomb R200.00

    Iced Berry Bomb is an eruption of sweet succulent strawberries at the forefront that evolves into a zesty sour tang of sugar coated sour strawberry belt with an energizing iced menthol culmination.

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